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The “Gautschi Park” residential estate in Reinach AG represents a sophisticated construction project realised by VAREM AG, which combines high-quality housing in modern living concepts with the requirements for a family-friendly environment. Reinach provides the ideal conditions for such a project: on an area of around 8,880 square metres, five new buildings will be created that offer cross-generational living for young families, singles and people in the third phase of their life. A total of 56 residential units will be available in condominium ownership. Generously designed green areas suggest the living environment of a natural, park-like neighbourhood offering plenty of room for the privacy of its inhabitants and ample space for encounters.

The name “Gautschi Park“ was deliberately chosen. A landmark building dating back to the year 1812, which is located in the construction area, lends the project its special charisma and uniqueness. It was the former spinning and weaving mill of the Gautschis, a family of entrepreneurs. The building bears testament to the economic upswing in Reinach during the 18th century. The past and the present are not only reflected in its name, but also in the architecture of the new residential estate: the wooden façades of the new buildings gently integrate the historical building into the “Gautschi Park”.

The “Gautschi Park“ features non-detached houses as well as residential apartments with a high-quality interior design appealing to all age groups. All residential units are provided with direct elevator access and offer recreational areas such as gardens, terraces, loggias or balconies. With all parking places located in an underground car park under the residential estate, there is ample space for green and recreational areas on the estate itself. A special gardening concept envisages the planting of reed as a separation between the private and public areas, and the southern part of the property will feature high-growing grasses.

Gautschi Villa

The historic Gautschi building represents the centre for social encounters within the residential estate. Due to the elaborate restoration, the charm of the villa is to be discovered in every room. There is also a kindergarten a restaurant five apartments for rent and an adventure playground to find.

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CH-5734 Reinach