Haus Sonnenberg

Lenzburg AG

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House Sonnenberg – an oasis for artists

Built around 1770 in the Bernese country house style, House Sonnenberg features 221 m2 of living space, segmental arch windows and a flaring hipped roof and is located at the foot of the Goffersberg mountain offering views to Lenzburg Castle and the historical centre.

The romantic garden with a total of 2,575 m2 is divided into various areas: the entrée with a decorative two-storied veranda protruding over a gravelled square with a water fountain. A generous, gravelled area separates the slightly sloping shrub garden with summer flowers and rose beds from the building. In the shade of a weeping ash, a fountain system made of shell limestone forms the centre of attention, which is flanked symmetrically by to staircases. These staircases lead to meandering gravel paths with limestone borders and garlands of roses and on to a corner pavilion made of wood. The intimacy of this part of the garden results from its elevated position and the supporting wall that creates a separation to the third and uppermost part of the garden, a simple gravelled area with sweeping views over the historical centre of Lenzburg.

From 1939 to 1990, the house used to be the residence of the artist Peter Mieg (composer, painter and journalist), and it was here that he painted many of his watercolours. The foundation named after him subsequently took up residency until 2019. In keeping with the spirit of the foundation and the new owner’s ideas for its use, the villa, the adjoining wash house and barn are to be substantially renovated. After its extensive restoration, the stunning estate is to become a place for creating art for people from all kinds of fields, such as musicians, painters and also writers.