The public limited company with headquarters in the city of Basel was established on 11 December 2009. VAREM AG is an independent real estate company, aiming at developing properties and real estate. As an investor, we are responsible for financing and project management, including marketing and sales. Thanks to our cooperation with our sister company VAREM DEVELOPMENT AG, we are able to ensure professional implementation of concepts.
We also act as investors for existing properties that require overall renovation.

We are committed to creating living environments with style and a special flair. We satisfy the highest quality requirements of our customers and guarantee them extensive participation.
We offer a broad, attractive portfolio of rental apartments and residential properties in various price segments.

Patrik von Arx

Managing Director

Patrik von Arx has many years of professional experience in the finance industry and is an experienced project management specialist.

The most important cornerstones of his career are:

  • UBS AG, Director Global Asset Management
  • KPMG, Manager Operational Restructuring
  • Zurich Financial Services, Product Manager Investment Funds

He has been Managing Director of VAREM AG since December 2009.

Karin Multhaupt-Engesser

Head of Marketing & PR, Project Staff

Karin Multhaupt-Engesser has many years’ experience in the publishing industry to fall back on. As Back Office Manager and Assistant to the CEO, she was also responsible for the areas of HR and Distribution.

The most important stages in her career:

  • GTS Verlag AG, Administrative Assistant
  • Regio Nachrichten AG, Assistant CEO and Head of Administration & Distribution

Head of Marketing & PR with VAREM AG since February 2017.
Project Team Member with VAREM AG since May 2015.


Peter Merian-Strasse 54
CH-4002 Basel

Phone: +41 61 271 71 73