The company was established in Immensee on 06.06.2013 as part of the restructuring of VAREM Holding AG. VAREM DEVELOPMENT AG is a competent partner in all matters related to the value creation process of a property, from concept development as well as planning and construction to market positioning and sales. The broad range of services offered by the company provides synergies for the customer’s benefit, ensuring fewer interfaces and one single point of contact.

The company offers tailor-made project organization for each project, taking into account the project history and customer requirements. In cooperation with experienced partners from the construction and real estate industries, we ensure professional implementation of concepts.

Timo Scherer

Chairman of the Board of Management / Managing director

Many years of experience in builders client trust and project management

  • BSc in Construction Engineering (honours)
  • Diploma in Business Studies and Construction Engineering (University of Applied Sciences)
  • MAS in Real Estate at the University of Zurich (currently part-time alongside employment)

Managing director of VAREM DEVELOPMENT AG since June 2013.

Chairman of the Board of Management of VAREM DEVELOPMENT AG since December 2019.

Christopher Hitz

Project manager

Christopher Hitz has been working as an architect and project manager for private and institutional clients since 1996. He has long-standing professional experience as a project and construction manager for new construction and renovation projects as well as building restorations.

Academic career:

  • structural draftsman
  • architect HTL (secondary technical school)

Project manager at VAREM Development AG since November 2016.

Ruth Schmid

Head of Sales

Commercial degree and longstanding professional experience as a trust officer and in real estate sales and management.

Head of Real Estate Sales at VAREM Development AG since March 2014.

Sara Scicchitano

Finance Management

Accountant with Swiss Confederation. Many years of professional experience in Accounting and Taxation, as well as in Human Resources and Auditing.

Active in Finance and Accounting for VAREM Development AG since May 2017.

Andrea Grob

Draftswoman EFZ / Project assistant

Andrea Grob works as a draftswoman EFZ (Swiss certificate of competence) specializing in architecture.

She has experience in drafting new buildings and renovations as well as building restorations and quantity surveying.

Project team member at VAREM Development AG since May 2018.

Michele Marcarini

Construction manager / Draftsman EFZ

Michele Marcarini works as a construction manager in the field of building construction.

He gained professional experience as a construction manager for new and renovated buildings, as well as interior work.


  • Draftsman EFZ (Swiss certificate of competence)

He works as construction manager for VAREM Development AG since February 2020.


Calendariaweg 2
CH-6405 Immensee

Phone: +41 41 566 76 76